Bi Fold Door System Ideas

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door System – Home Door Ideas

Bi-Fold Doors 5 Amazing Benefits

1. Less Space-More Space – Bi-fold doors take up very little or less space when opened up. A great set of Bi-fold doors allow you to fully open the glass wall for more space or open the doors to any width within the frame. You can split it.

2. Let the Light In – Bi-fold doors are superb at letting light into your home. When closed, they all look like a wall of glass which allows far more light into your room.

3. Low in MaintenanceKalco Spacia Bi-fold Aluminium doors perform much more effectively throughout the year’s seasonal changes. All you need to do the occasional wash-down and a dash of oil periodically.

4. Slim Profile – You will love the simplicity and sleek styling that bringing more space.

5. Security – Bi-fold doors feature a locking system which is spread over multiple points along the sliding track. This offers a great level of security when compared to other types of glass door.


This is 5 Bi-fold Doors – Outer-Side Opening

3 Bi-Fold Door – Outer-side Opening

3 Bi-Fold Door Both Side – Inner-side Opening

Outer-side Opening

Outer-side Opening

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